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Unilock U-Cara®

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The U-Cara Multi-Face Wall System represents a revolution in wall design.
Exclusive to Unilock, this patented wall system represents a revolution in wall design. With U-Cara it’s now possible to design walls, pillars, gardens, vertical water and fire features, grill islands and more, with the refined surface and long-lasting color of exclusive Unilock EnduraColor finishes.

U-Cara Fascia Panels can be placed anywhere along the patented Sure Track Backer Block, allowing for pattern, color and texture combinations that are impossible to achieve with other systems. Build single or double sided vertical landscape features using the Standard Sure Track Backer block, or use the Large Backer Block in the setback position to construct retaining walls up to 3ft (0.9m) high without the need for geogrid. Higher walls can be engineered with U-cara as well.

Clad existing walls using the U-Cara Wall Mount System and build pillars and grill islands faster than ever before with the U-Cara Modular System.

Fire Features@3x

Fire Features

Garden Walls@3x

Garden Walls

Grill Islands@3x

Grill Islands



Structural Walls@3x

Structural Walls

Water Features@3x

Water Features

U Cara Granite Pitched Accent

U-Cara Granite Pitched Accent

U Cara Granite Pitched

U-Cara Granite Pitched

U Cara Pitched Fossil

U-Cara Pitched Fossil

U Cara Pitched Natural

U-Cara Pitched Natural

U Cara Pitched Sierra

U-Cara Pitched Sierra

U Cara Sieries Onyx Black

U-Cara Series Onyx Black

U Cara Sierra Accent

U-Cara Sierra Accent

U Cara Smooth Fossil

U-Cara Smooth Fossil

U Cara Smooth Granite

U-Cara Smooth Granite

U Cara Smooth Natural

U-Cara Smooth Natural

U Cara Smooth Sierra

U-Cara Smooth Sierra

U Cara Smooth Umbriano French Grey

U-Cara Smooth Umbriano French Grey

U Cara Smooth Umbriano Midnight Sky

U-Cara Smooth Umbriano Midnight Sky

U Cara Smooth Umbriano Summer Wheat

U-Cara Smooth Umbriano Summer Wheat

U Cara Smooth Umbriano Winter Marvel

U-Cara Smooth Umbriano Winter Marvel

U Cara Std Pitched Granite Fasica

U-Cara Std Pitched Granite Fasica

U Cara Std Pitched Granite Wall

U-Cara Std Pitched Granite Wall

Brick Sizes:

15cm X 23.3cm X 6cm
5.875″ X 9.125″ X 2.375″

15cm X 53cm X 6cm
5.875″ X 20.875″ X 2.375

Special Order Shapes & Sizes

15cm X 20cm X 15cm
5.875″ X 7.875″ X 5.875″

15cm X 17.5cm X 30cm
5.875″ X 6.875″ X 11.75″

15cm X 17.5cm X 30cm
5.875″ X 6.875″ X 11.75″

15cm X 46.6cm X 6cm
5.875″ X 18.375″ X 2.375″

3″ Fascia Series Black Granite STANDARD FASCIA PANEL
3″23.3cm X 7.5cm X 6cm
9.125″ X 3″ X 2.375″

48.2cm X 35.5cm X 7cm
19″ X 14″ X 2.75″

48.2cm X 35.5cm X 5.5cm
19″ X 14″ X 2.125″

cm X 5cm cm X cm
0″ X 2″ X 0″

Closed End Corner Bundle

15cm X 23.3cm X 6cm
5.875″ X 9.125″ X 2.375″

15cm X 53cm X 6cm
5.875″ X 20.875″ X 2.375″

Minimum quantities and special pricing may apply. Contact us for more details

Extra Info


U-Cara is a retaining wall platform which provides for incredible design flexibility and can be used to construct anything from small garden walls to large retaining walls. The backbone of the wall is the backer block and the appearance is created by hanging beautiful fascia panels on the backers.

APPLICATIONS – Design and build projects such as planters, steps, grill islands, pillars, seat walls, water features and structural walls reinforced with GeoGrid. U-Cara is designed mostly for straight walls, but low curved planters can be made if needed.

CAPACITY – Gravity walls up to 39” (1m). Geogrid reinforced walls up to 10 ft. (3m). Download the U-Cara manual for detailed information on how to build almost anything. Installation Manual – English (PDF)

RECOMMENDED BASE STABILIZATION – one layer of DriveGrid stabilization grid between subgrade and base material. Use under Standard Base or Permeable Base.

STANDARD BASE – Min. 6” – 8” of ¾” Crusher Run gravel (any road base standard in accordance with ASTM-D2940) compacted to 98% Standard Proctor Density (SPD).

ALTERNATIVE PERMEABLE BASE – Min. 6” – 8” of ¾“ clear open-graded stone compacted to achieve full particle lock-up and consolidation. (Clear open-graded does not compact but does consolidate slightly by rattling the particles together.)

LEVELING – U-Cara MUST be constructed on U-Grip Base units or universal base pads. It will ensure improved accuracy and will make for a speedier installation. Additional benefits include long term structural integrity and an overall better appearance. Poured concrete leveling pads, reinforced with rebar, are also a great way to accomplish leveling, especially for larger installations. You must ensure that the concrete is poured and finished perfectly in order to achieve a good visual appearance.

CONNECTION – features a tongue and groove connection. Use appropriate concrete adhesive for connection between standard backer units or where the key has been removed for corners. Always read adhesive manufacturers’ directions prior to gluing.

HANDLING – Handle faces with care to avoid chipping edges.

COPING – This wall requires coping. Choose a manufactured coping such as Unilock Universal Coping or any of our natural stone coping options. Install with tight joints or 3/16” gap between units and amend with an exterior latex caulking. Cutting may be required; a diamond blade saw is required to cut coping properly. Glue all coping using a specially formulated concrete adhesive that is strong and will not break down over time. Always read adhesive manufacturers’ directions prior to gluing.