No two landscapes are the same: one garden might need a special kind of mulch to help the plants grow, while another may look nicer with a gravel pathway. Making the most of yours means being able to find the right amount of the right materials, but for that you need a supplier able to both provide a wide range of products and handle orders of any size.

Whether for commercial or residential needs, Carefree Lawn Center has a complete selection of bulk and bagged products for any landscaping need.

From our locally sourced natural mulches to our quarry of river stones and boulders, we deliver bulk products, bags and pallets that range from a mere 30 pounds to 2,000-pound super stacks for large projects. Each delivery is made curbside by yard or pallet, with bagged materials packed into easy-to-handle 40-pound sacks.

See Carefree Lawn Center for all your bulk and bagged material needs.


Soils & Dirt

Oak Red Mulch

Natural & Rubber Mulch

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Decorative Stone

Limestone 34 Clean 6A

Sand and Gravel