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Choosing what products to use in your landscape shouldn’t be hard–it should be fun and easy. When you’re looking for an obvious choice for what hardscapes to go with, Rosetta Hardscapes is obviously different. Natural stone appearance and manufactured dependability blend into the quality you need and the style you want without it becoming overwhelming.

Carefree Lawn Center is a proud partner of Rosetta Hardscapes. Rosetta Hardscapes offers a variety of product lines for pavers, tiles and walls, each of which uses top-of-the-line paver stones for both residential and commercial projects.

See Carefree Lawn Center for all your Rosetta Hardscapes landscape design and product selection needs.

Patio Slabs and Driveway Pavers

The night isn’t going anywhere-why should you? Like a summer evening, Rosetta Hardscapes patios, walkways and driveways are perfect for lingering. Carefree Lawn Center offers the following array of Rosetta Hardscapes slab and paver products:

Grand Flagstone

With irregular, natural stone shapes, Rosetta Hardscapes Grand Flagstone slabs will fit like perfect puzzle pieces into your landscaping vision. Your patio or path will blend right in with the great outdoors. Plus, made of wetcast concrete, these pavers and slabs are as durable as they are timeless.

Rosetta Stone grand flagstone

Dimensional Flagstone

Dimensional Flagstone patios and walkways tastefully complement your home and greatly enrich your lifestyle. Six different-sized concrete slabs mimic slate to create an alluring texture and an intricate paver pattern, without creating a busy distractor from the great outdoors.

Rosetta Stone Dimentional Flagstone

Linear Flagstone

Linear Flagstone’s subtle textures and simple lines create a modern feel for your landscaping. Whether you’re using it as a border to complementary products like Grand Flagstone and Dimensional Flagstone, or using it solo to add a patio or walkway to your yard, this flagstone tile can create the refined space for which your backyard beckons.

Rosetta Stone Linear Flagstone

Old Mission Pavers

Don’t let your environmental ethos overtake your style. Satisfy both. Transform your yard into a time-worn cobblestone getaway with Old Mission permeable patio pavers. As an environmentally conscious consumer you can feel great (not just good) about a Rosetta Hardscapes Old Mission driveway, walkway or patio. The permeable pavers let stormwater filter between the joints while creating the beautiful accompaniment your outdoor living space deserves.

Fire Pit - Rosetta Stone Old Mission pavers - Michigan

New Mission Pavers

The smaller surface area and cobblestone textures of New Mission patio pavers will transport you to an elegant Italian veranda or a courtyard in Napa without the ancient, uneven surface. From walkways and driveways to poolside and patios, Rosetta Hardscape’s New Mission gives your outdoor space a striking presence.

Rosetta Stone New Mission Pavers

Amaro Pavers

Created with wetcast concrete to emulate reclaimed brick pavers, Amaro can provide a pop of accent color or create an entire driveway, walkway, or patio. The 12 different textures provide the detailed character every landscaping project deserves.

Rosetta Stone Amaro Pavers

24×24 Flagstone

A complimentary product to Dimensional Flagstone, 24×24 Flagstone wetcast concrete slabs look like slate tiles. Approved for pedestal rooftop installation, these extra-large, contemporary square pedestal or patio pavers will transform your rooftop into an oasis and your backyard into a modern-day dream.

Rosetta Stone 24x24 Flagstone

Superior Steppers

When a standard sidewalk just won’t do, Superior Steppers provide that natural delight your walkway deserves. With a variety of colors to accent your existing environment, these stepping stones perfectly punctuate a path in your garden or to your backyard.

Rosetta Stone Superior Steppers

Miros Slabs

At 3.5 by 3.5 feet (1 by 1 meter), Miros are the largest manufactured patio slabs you can find in the hardscapes market. The large, clean dimensions and linear quality will make your modern patio an eye catcher.

Rosetta Stone Miros Slabs

Retaining Walls

Sometimes a wall is the best way to bring your yard to life. And if a wall is the way to bring your outdoor living space together, it should be hand-picked for your needs. Showcase your yard-and the lovely experiences you’ll enjoy in it-with a Rosetta Hardscapes retaining wall. Carefree Lawn Center offers the following array of Rosetta retaining wall products:

Outcropping Wall

There’s nothing average about Rosetta’s Outcropping collection. With this large rock landscaping look, your new retaining wall or poolscape will certainly stand out among the neighbors. Plus, you’ll get the look you want without sacrificing the structurally sound solution you need!

The massive size of Outcropping sets it apart in the realm of hardscapes. With 12 pieces ranging from 2 to 6 feet (0.6 to 1.8 meters) in length and 6 to 24 inches (152 to 609 millimeters) in height, your wall will provide a large, natural stone aesthetic. And, your contractor will be able to stay on schedule for a frustration-free finished project. Sounds good, right?

Rosetta Stone outcropping Wall

Belvedere Wall

Whether you aspire for an English country garden or a super, suburban landscape, Belvedere has you covered. A Belvedere garden wall from Rosetta provides the rich textures of heavily stratified quarried stone and a weathered edge for a rustic silhouette. There’s no more waiting around for it to look like it’s been there forever – that’s included at install!

Rosetta Stone Belvedere Wall

Kodah Wall

When you’re looking to make a big, bold, first impression with your landscaping, Kodah is up to the task. At first glance, the impression of snapped limestone will create a bold, modern look for your freestanding, retaining, or garden wall. Rosetta’s Kodah walls provide a big, bold backdrop for your backyard. The large dimensions, subtle character, and clean lines of snapped limestone allow your time with family and friends to take center stage.

Rosetta Stone Kodah Wall

Claremont Wall

Outline your yard’s distinction with a classic Claremont wall from Rosetta. Claremont’s crisp, chiseled stone texture is indistinguishable from a dry-stacked natural snapped limestone wall. With classic linear proportions, elegant outdoor living is just around the corner from your new freestanding seat wall or retaining garden wall.

Rosetta Stone Claremont Wall

Dimensional Wall

Want to have your yard landscaped once in your lifetime? Dimensional Wall is the way to go with its traditional appeal and timeless sophistication. With a consistent size and organic aesthetic, Dimensional Walls complement most any landscaping style. In a few years, you’ll still be enjoying your stone garden wall, not wishing you had the money to update it.

Rosetta Stone Dimentional Wall


Anything worth doing is worth doing well, right? At Rosetta Hardscapes we believe in providing you all the products you need to get that final polished look your landscape project deserves. Check out our coordinating steps, caps, and coping to add the finishing touches to your new entertaining space.

Belvedere Coping

Belvedere fieldstone walls are great. Belvedere Coping is the icing on the cake. The dynamic duo pairs exceptionally well to create a warm, rustic landscape where your friends and family will feel like lingering…even after dessert is finished. Belvedere Coping creates the appearance of natural stone slabs to finish off your fieldstone wall. Whether creating a seat wall, capping off a fire pit, or topping off a retaining wall, the rustic appearance comes with manufactured dependability.

Rosetta Stone Belvedere Coping

Dimensional Coping

Dimensional Coping from Rosetta is crafted in comfortable dimensions for sitting. When you finish your wall with it, people will be tempted to take a seat and stay awhile. The chiseled edge and natural stone texture make Dimensional Coping a modern finish for any landscaping project. With two lengths and end pieces, it can be used to top freestanding or retaining walls, as well as create seat walls.

Rosetta Stone Dimentional Coping

Bullnose Coping

There’s no need for your landscaping project to feel rough around the edges when you can finish it with Bullnose Coping. The round, smooth edge is perfect for pool applications, retaining wall caps, or step treads and is available in multiple colors.

Rosetta Stone Bull Nose Coping