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Looking for a way to Spruce things up?

Planting trees in your yard space and the garden surrounding your home is not only a way to reduce your energy costs, but it’s also a great way to provide shelter and shade to the local environment and ecosystem.

Understanding the best solutions for your arrangements can be tricky. Find more information on the different types of trees we supply and their living habits below!

Visit our large on-site nursery and talk to the experts at Carefree Lawn Center to discuss what nursery solution is the right fit for your lawn and garden project this season.

Privacy Trees

Baby Blue Spruce
2022 TREES BabyBlueSpruce Solo
Arborvitae Green Giant

Emerald Green Arborvitae
Leyland Cypress

Shade Trees

Sugar Maple leaves, bright green close up, four total

Beech Trees
Birch Trees
Cherry Trees
Cleveland Pear Trees
Crabapple Trees
Dappled Willow Trees
Hawthorn Trees
Hibiscus Trees
Horse Chestnut Trees
Kwanzan Trees
Oak Trees
Pear Trees
Sweetgum Slender Silhouette
Tri-Color Beech Trees
Willow Trees
Yoshino Trees


Peach Trees
2022 TREES PeachTree Solo

Apple Trees
Cherry Trees
Nectarine Trees
Peach Trees
Pear Trees

Blackberry Bushes
Blueberry Bushes
Raspberry Bushes
Strawberry Bushes

Flowering Trees

Lilac Trees
Beautiful flowering flowers of lilac tree at spring

Crabapple Trees
Dogwood Trees
Fringe Trees
Hibiscus Trees
Hydrangea Trees
Magnolia Trees
McNair Horse Chestnut Trees
Red Buds Trees
Service Berry Trees
Tulip Trees
Weeping Cherry Trees

Ornamental Trees

Perennial LimelightHydrangea

Dogwood Trees
Flowering Crabapple Trees
Flowering Cherry Trees
Flowering Pear Trees
Holly Trees
Japanese Maple Trees
Plum Magnolia

Evergreen Trees

AdobeStock 25943584

Arborvitae Trees
Cedar Trees
Cypress Trees
Fir Trees
Flowering Plum Trees

Magnolia Trees
Redbud Trees
Juniper Trees
Pine Trees
Spruce Trees

Grower and Seasonal Availability

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