Carefree Lawn Center is a partner and premier distributor of Oberfields line of pavers. Our unique relationship with Oberfields allows us to provide a huge selection of top-class paver stones for use in residential and commercial paver applications, all at a competitive price point that makes our Michigan homeowners and landscapers happy, too.

Oberfields offers concrete pavers in a variety of colors and textures that are perfect for patios, driveways, walkways and more. Oberfields also offers natural stone through Carefree Lawn Center, providing you with pavers as durable as they are unique.

We also source the Oberfields porcelain pavers line of products. These colored porcelain tiles are ideal for outdoor solutions. Also available are the Eco-Pavers line from Oberfields, designed for efficient mechanical installation in both commercial and residential applications.

You can trust Carefree Lawn Center and Oberfields to provide the best selection and best price in Michigan!
See Carefree Lawn Center for all your Oberfields landscape design and product selection needs.

Why Oberfields?

Oberfields’ new world-class manufacturing process results in exceptional products that are infused with Dura Denz Technology. Dura Denz represents a dramatic breakthrough in concrete casting technology. A specially formulated dense top layer creates a smooth, aggregate-free, extra-hard surface that resists chipping, scratching and fading. The result is products that are not only beautiful, but extremely durable.

Americana Collection Pavers

Oberfields is proud to announce its line of all-American pavers. Made by American-owned companies, these stones offer a wide selection of locally and ethically sourced materials to fit almost any landscaping need.

Oberfields American Collection

Concrete Pavers

Oberfields offers five distinct collections of concrete paving stones with tones ranging from worn and time-honored to sleek and modern.

At Carefree Lawn Center, we carry and special order these Oberfields concrete pavers:

Oberfields Concrete Pavers

Natural Stone Pavers

Add a sense of class with Oberfields’ authentic stone products. Best suited for the most exquisite designs where a random and square cut appearance is desired.

At Carefree Lawn Center, we carry and special order these Oberfields concrete pavers:

  • Natural Stone Pavers from Oberfields
  • Travertine Pavers from Oberfields
Oberfields Natural Stone

Porcelain Pavers

Oberfields porcelain pavers are a collection of colored body porcelain tile surfaces 20 mm thick that are ideal outdoor solutions in both commercial and residential applications. Each can come in one of eleven patterns, ranging from limestone and quarts textures to slate and wood.

Oberfields Porcelain Pavers


The Oberfields Aqua Brick line of products is a permeable paver meant to provide easy drainage. This commercial paver was designed for efficient mechanical or manual installation and can accommodate surface filtration of a minimum of 135 inches of rain per hour. Aqua-BRIC Type 4 “L” pavers are special order products.

oberfields Aqua Brick

Misc Pavers

Innovative designs call for innovative materials. When no other stone can get the job done right, Oberfields is there to provide you with an exact fit for your business or homeowner needs.

At Carefree Lawn Center, we carry and special order these special Oberfields pavers:

  • ADA Pavers from Oberfields
  • Walk Blocks from Oberfields
Rosetta Stone Superior Steppers

Retaining Walls

Are you looking to add just a decorative seat wall, or do you need something that can bear a heavy load? Either way, Oberfields’ lines of retaining wall products are built to fit your needs. Build walls, columns, fire pits and more with our retaining wall units. Choose between precast units made to look like natural stone and others with a more linear appearance.

At Carefree Lawn Center, we carry and special order these Oberfields retaining wall stones:

Rosetta Stone Kodah Wall