Oberfields Bullnose Pavers

Bullnose Pavers Hero

Bullnose pavers give added dimension to any wall, step or patio application when an overhang is desired. The bullnose edge provides a smooth rounded edge that creates a slight shadow line that is the finishing detail in many applications.

23 Bullnose Pavers charcoal

Bullnose Pavers Charcoal

23 Bullnose Pavers cream

Bullnose Pavers Cream

23 Bullnose Pavers darkchocolate

Bullnose Pavers Dark Chocolate

Brick Sizes:

single Bullnose

Single Bullnose
6” x 12” (152mm x 304mm)

Vintage single Bullnose

Vintage Single Bullnose
6”x 12” (152mm x 304mm)

Vintage Double Bullnose

Vintage Double Bullnose
6” x 12” (152mm x 304mm)

Double Bullnose

Double Bullnose
6” x 12” (152mm x 304mm)

Single Bullnose pavers are 2 3/8″ thick and Double Bullnose pavers are 2 3/4″ thick