rockwood walls

Rockwood is a third-generation family business with a foundation in mortar-less concrete manufacturing and construction dating back to 1914. From agriculture silos to hardscapes to concrete veneer, slope control and outdoor living kits, Rockwood is recognized as an innovator of attractive, high-quality landscape construction materials.

Carefree Lawn Center has a complete line of Rockwood Retaining Wall Block and Supplies. Carefree Lawen Center in Trenton Michigan has the best selection and a direct relationship with Rockwood Retaining Walls Supply for All of your Landscaping Needs as a DIY wall builder or a contractor.

Our products are produced by licensed manufacturers and are distributed in over 45 U.S. States, across 17 Countries, and on 5 continents. All Rockwood manufacturers are required to meet critical standards for block quality and physical tolerances.

Retaining Walls

Whether you want a natural, rough-hewn look like Riverland or the sleek and seamless tone of Monument HD, Rockwood Retaining Walls has all the materials and know-how to make your landscaping project as efficient and smooth as possible.

At Carefree Lawn Center, we carry and special order these Rockwood retaining walls:

  • E-Z Wall® Retaining Wall from Rockwood
  • E-Z Wall IITM Retaining Wall from Rockwood
  • Lakeland Retaining Wall from Rockwood
  • Lakeland Sets from Rockwood
  • Lakeland Wedgestone from Rockwood
  • Cabinstone from Rockwood
Rockwood orchard hill stone

Pavers and Edgers

Rockwood Retaining Walls offers three distinct product lines to put the final touches on everything from walkways to the edges of swimming pool sides. Carefree Lawn Center offers these paver and edger products:

Classic Edger

Easy to install Classic Edger separate landscape rock and mulch from turf. The round nose on one end allows you to wind them around gardens, flower beds, trees, and shrubs to build interesting landscape features.

Rockwood Clasic Edger


Genova’s weathered limestone surface gives it an aged look appealing in all settings. Genova’s distinguished large format, random appearance will give your landscape a look to be proud of.

Rockwood genova Edger


Following the same large sizes as Genova, Verano’s smooth surface endows it with a graceful appearance found in the most elegant surroundings. Available in two distinctive looks, tumbled and non-tumbled, Verano is your choice for simple flair.

Rockwood verano edger