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Proven Winners Gardening Guides

Proven Winners loves to share valuable info to assist you on your path to a perfect garden that will be colorful all year long! 
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Proven Winner Pruning Instructions
Proven Winners Year Round Color Info
Proven Winners Hydrangeas Info

Discover our Proven Winners Selection

'Amy Cotta' Rhododendron

Semi-dwarf 'PJM'

A rich pink, heavy flowering form of ‘PJM’ rhododendron, ‘Amy Cotta’ is a slow-growing, semi-dwarf form that is perfect for sites which call for a compact flowering evergreen. Dense azalea-like foliage is smaller and darker than that of ‘PJM’; plentiful ruffled blooms cover the plant in early spring.

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Amy Cotta Rhododendron PDF
Proven Winners Aphrodite - Calycanthus

'Aphrodite' Calycanthus

A new, improved hybrid calycanthus with large, fragrant, dark red flowers.  Suitable for mixed borders and informal landscapes.

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'Diamond-Ball'-Clematis Info

"Diamond Ball' Clematis

Prolific bloomer

The cool white-blue flowers are round or semi-spherical in shape, and reach 4-5” in diameter.  This prolific bloomer flowers on both old and new wood, and blooms from June through August.

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Proven Winners 'Filip's-Magic-Moment'-Thuja

'Filip's Magic Moment"

Alternative to Dwarf Alberta

Dwarf Alberta spruce is extremely popular in residential landscapes; this new arborvitae is a great alternative with the same desirable size plus brighter color. It’s perfect for flanking formal entryways either in the ground or in large containers.

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Proven Winners 'Filip's-Magic-Moment'-Thuja-Specs
Proven Winners 'Limelight'-Hydrangea

'Limelight' Hydrangea paniculata

Classic lime-green summer flowers

Lime green flowers are held upright on strong stems, then mature to an incredible combination of green, pink and burgundy in autumn. This durable plant makes an excellent hedge or mass planting. It may also be used as a dramatic specimen plant, and trained into tree form.

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Proven Winners 'Limelight'-Hydrangea-Specs