Milorganite® Nitrogen Fertilizer

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Say Hello to Milorganite is an all-purpose, slow-release nitrogen fertilizer composed of heat dried microbes that have digested the organic matter in wastewater. Milorganite has been trusted by golf course professionals and home­owners for over 90 years. It can be applied any time during the grow­ing season. However, for best results we recommend five applications per year on your lawn; a 32 lb bag of Milorganite covers 2,500 sq ft.

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Maintaining your lawn doesn’t have to be a struggle. Milorganite is goof-proof, so you won’t burn your lawn or garden. With a slow release formula that will feed your lawn for up to 8-10 weeks, you can apply and leave it alone.

CONVERSION: 3 cups of Milorganite = 1lb

An All Purpose Solution

• Lawns
• Vegetables
• Trees & Shrubs

Helps Green Your Lawn

Milorganite’s iron greens without staining.
Grass needs iron for the long-lasting, deep, vibrant green lawn you want.
Milorganite is composed of 85% organic matter and delivers organically complex iron throughout the feeding period and won’t stain concrete, unlike iron salts in some synthetic fertilizers.

Safety First

Safety is the number one concern.
Milorganite meets stringent criteria imposed on any fertilizer product for health, safety, and environmental concerns. Milorganite complies with all federal and state regulations, which allows Milorganite to be used for all of your fertilizing needs when used as directed.

Environmentally Friendly

Milorganite has been recycling since 1926,
to make a nutrient-rich byproduct that is transformed into a highly effective fertilizer. There are no mined resources or synthetics in Milorganite. The production of Milorganite is guided by our dedication to being a good steward of the environment.

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Synthetic fertilizers are “fast food”-best known for being fast-acting once they are watered in. They are chemically manufactured and have high burn and leach­ing potential. Milorganite is “slow food”-derived from natural sources. Milorganite won’t burn, builds the soil structure, and feeds plants slowly over a longer period of time which builds strong roots.

Some dogs are attracted to the odor of Milorganite. They may roll on freshly-fertilized areas or try to eat it off the lawn or garden. After fertilizing, monitor your dog to determine interest. To reduce attraction, water after application and limit your dog’s access for 24 hours. Don’t worry … Milorganite is non-toxic.

YES. Add Milorganite when seeding for a fast-develop­ing lawn. The nitrogen releases as the seedlings need it. The non-leaching phosphorus is available to im­mature roots to aid in giving energy to support fast growth, and won’t burn tender seedlings.

YES. Milorganite can be used as part of your overall fertilization and lawn care program in combination with other products, including fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides. Be sure to read the labels of the other prod­ucts to ensure there aren’t any restrictions, and that it’s safe for your lawn when used in conjunction with Milorganite.

YES. Milorganite contains no salts, which makes it safe to apply during the summer and in drought conditions when used as directed. The nutrients in Milorganite will be released when there’s enough water and the temperature is right. This makes it an ideal fertilizer for water-restricted areas.

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