Oberfields Plymouth

Plymouth Hero

A different take on your classic brick shape appearance. Our Plymouth paver size adds contrast to various field pavers. Used primarily as a border paver, our Plymouth can be installed in a multitude of patterns.

06 Plymouth canyon creek

Plymouth Canyon Creek

06 Plymouth charcoal

Plymouth Charcoal

06 Plymouth cream

Plymouth Cream

06 Plymouth darkchocolate

Plymouth Dark Chocolate

06 Plymouth earthblend

Plymouth Earth Blend

06 Plymouth flagstone blend

Plymouth Flagstone Blend

06 Plymouth graniteblend

Plymouth Granite Blend

Brick Sizes:

Plymouth 4x8x2 3 8

4 x 8 x 2 3/8

Plymouth 4x8x3 1 8

4 x 8 x 3-1/8

Plymouth false joint 4x8x3 1 8

False Joint 4 x 8 x 3-1/8