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Polymeric Jointing Products!

Save Up TO 18% on Any 16 Skid Combination of Any of our Jointing Sands!

  • Ideal for low-traffic areas (driveways, walkways, patios)
  • Requires mechanical compaction
  • Ideal for joints 1/16” – 1” wide
  • Available in 14 colors (colors vary by region)
Smart Sand 1
Techniseal NOCO sand
20191209 115113

Adhesives & Accessories

Save Up To 20% on Our Full Line Of Adhesives and Accessories!
MOQ Only 2 Boxes of 12 Units!

  • The strongest construction adhesive on the market
    • Structure Bond’s innovative polyurethane foam formula makes it the strongest, toughest and most durable adhesive on the market.
  • Bonds to almost any surface
    • In a category of its own, Structure Bond can be used on the vast majority of construction materials, including but not limited to: concrete, brick, natural stone, wood and most composite materials.
  • No more waste
    • Structure Bond doesn’t dry up in-between applications, simply close the flow dial and store the dispenser until the next time you need it.
  • No more mess
    • Structure Bond’s dispenser gun allows for superior precision on application and minimizes the risk of spillage and dripping.
  • No more waiting around
    • Structure Bond’s initial set time is about 8 minutes, with the product being fully cured within 24 hours.
  • More Bang for your Buck
    • You’ll have to go through 20 regular tube adhesives before a single can of Structure Bond runs out. When looking at the coverage power/unit, no other product can compete with Techniseal’s Structure Bond.

Cleaners & Protectors

Save 18% on Our Full Line of Paver Sealers and All Of Techniseal’s Cleaners, Stan Removers & More!
(MOQ Full Pallet Quantities of Single OR MIXED Products.)

Paver Chem 1