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EP Henry Coventry® Fire Pit Kit

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EP Henry Coventry Fire Pit Kits make any backyard a year-round gathering spot.

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Coventry Fire Pit Kit FirePit

Coventry Fire Pit Kit
Coventry Fire Pit Kit pallet total weight: 2,830 lbs per kit.
23″ high with cap – 30 1/2″ inside diameter – 48″ outside diameter – wall cap has an inside diameter of 32″ and outside diameter of 50″

Fire Pit Kit Includes:

  • Wall Blocks
  • Caps
  • Copper Bowl
  • 36” Diameter Grate for Wood Burning
  • 24” Diameter Grate for Cooking
  • Poker
  • Retractable Metal Mesh Dome
  • Installation Guide OR Order the Low-Smoke Insert Kit:
  • 2 piece insert
  • lid
  • (Grate is Optional)
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Dakota Blend

Coventry Wall HB

Harvest Blend

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Pewter Blend