40 lb. NutraSoft® DG – Gypsum Fertilizer


Sold In-Store Only.

NutraSoft® DG is a high quality material mined from natural
deposits. It is ground to a flour-like powder, then granulated
into pellets. On contact with moisture, the pellets disperse and
release calcium and sulfur into the soil.

• All-natural, high-quality mined material
• Delivers calcium and sulfate sulfur with neutral pH

• Promotes healthy root growth and seed emergence
• Helps loosen compacted soils quickly
• Decreases nitrate and phosphate runoff
• Increases drainage in conventional and no-till soils
• Decreases the toxic effect of soil salinity
• Improves water efficiency
• Helps balance calcium:magnesium ratio
• Minimizes heavy metal toxicity
• Improves yield

Sold In-Store Only.



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