50 lb. NOCO Polymeric Joint (Tan)


Sold In-Store Only.

NOCO is a “No Compaction” polymeric joint specially developed for the installation of flagstones and other paving materials for which mechanical compaction is not possible or difficult.

Installation area: Normal, Humid
Joint type: Regular, False Joint
Joint width: Less than 1”, More than 1”
Product type: Polymeric Joint
Surface level: Flat, Sloped
Surface type: Large Slab, Highly Textured Surface, Clay Paver, Natural Stone, Concrete Paver, Concrete Slab, Stone
The estimated coverage power is:

For joints less than ½” wide: up to 120 sq. ft per 50 lb bag.

For wide joints: 20 to 40 sq. ft per 50 lb bag.

Sold In-Store Only.

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