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Techniseal Structure Bond™ Gun Cleaner – Single Tubes


Sold In-Store Only.


  • Structure Bond Gun
  • Any acid-resistant surface

Sold In-Store Only.


Coverage – Apply as needed

Cleans Structure Bond application gun and removes fresh, non-cured polyurethane foam adhesive.

The Structure Bond Cleaner is a powerful solution specifically made for the optimal maintenance of the dispenser gun between applications. Simply screw a canister onto the gun and press the trigger to cleanse the tool from uncured product. You can also use the built-in spray nozzle to dissolve any spill, drip or adhesive residue.

  • A powerful cleansing formula that rapidly dissolves any uncured Structure Bond adhesive residue.\
  • Specifically designed to fit Structure Bond Gun II dispensers
  • Makes the removal of foam adhesive spillage on any solvent-resistant material easier than ever before
  • A powerful and innovative cleaning solution to get rid of dry foam adhesive accumulation

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