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Whether you're looking for your favorite plant and can't find it at your Garden Center, or you're just on the hunt for something unique and beautiful, you'll find the widest selection of our healthy, high quality plants online. From trees and shrubs to vines to stunning flowering perennials, our plants are carefully tended with the greatest care until they're ready for you to enjoy in your landscape.

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When you take your plants home, you'll find an information label that offers step-by-step planting instructions and a text code for additional care information. Browse our blog for inspiring tips and design ideas.

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New Plants and Watering Tips

1. Water daily for one week. Water should be applied slowly and directly to the base of the plant directly on top of the rootball. Routinely check the level of moisture under the mulch at the base of all plants. Adjust watering times and quantities accordingly. Once you have an idea how plants are getting along in their new location, a visual inspection every few days should be adequate. Be alert for any wilting, yellowing or browning leaves. These are warning signs; immediate attention is required. As a general rule, plants that are too wet will start looking yellow without wilting or drooping leaves. Plants that are too dry almost always have leaves that look wilted and eventually get a crispy appearance and drop off. In the beginning, do not completely rely on a sprinkler system to provide water to all the plants. Watering with a water soluble root stimulator, like Fertilome Root Stimulator, will help your new plants to acclimate sooner to their new space. 2. Water every other day for weeks two and three using guidance listed above. 3. After plants have adapted, water a minimum of once a week using guidance listed above. 4. Water once a month during the first winter.  

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